Fire & Soot Cleanup

fire soot
There are few situations that are more frightening and stressful than a fire, not to mention dealing with the aftermath. At Hightower Restoration, we understand the struggle of rebuilding after a fire, and we do our best to restore your fire and soot damaged property to its original condition as quickly and accurately as possible, and to relieve as much stress as we can during the restoration process. Even after the fire has been put out, smoke and soot can continue to accumulate and cause further damage. Hightower can respond quickly to help prevent this. We are able to assess the levels of smoke and fire damage even far below the surface, and we use our extensive experience and technologically advanced equipment to prescribe the most appropriate course of fire, soot and smoke cleaning for your particular situation.

While we work to restore your property to its original condition, we also make every effort to accomplish the clean-up in a way that is convenient to your schedule and needs. Whether it’s a commercial or residential structure that requires fire soot and smoke cleaning, we will do whatever is necessary to allow you to continue operating your business or inhabiting your home with minimal disruption.